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Kuka Soup Mix

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Kuka Soup Mix - Our 4 in 1 combo

Baobab leaves is a superfood. It's as potent as the fruit of the baobab tree. Every nutritional benefits in the fruit is in the leaves. Baobab leaves in particular have so many uses, either as food sources or as herbal medicines for different forms of illnesses. 

  • It use to treat common illnesses. 
  • Baobab acts as an expectorant for cough.
  • Diaphoretic and anti-pyretic. 
  • It is also an astringent and relieves excessive perspiration. 
  • Also, the leaves can treat certain forms of allergy with their anti-histamine and hyposensitive properties. 
  • They can treat asthma, fatigue, inflammations, insect bites, kidney and gallbladder diseases and dracunculiasis – a form of parasitic worm infection that only occurs in Africa. 
  • Powdered Baobab leaf poultices are also used to treat sores. 
  • Improves Indigestion as mild laxative.
  • The fresh leaves contain high amounts of Vitamin A, vitamin C as well as other nutritional elements such as alpha and beta carotenes, rhamnose, uronic acids, tannins, potassium, calcium, catechins, tartrate, glutamic acid, mucilage and other sugars. 
  • This powder is mixed in stews or soups as thickeners. 
  • To add to that, the powdered leaves are both used as thickeners and flavoring for couscous. Powders are commonly used as an ingredient for exotic African cuisine. 
  • Baobab can be excellent nutrition for weaning your baby.
  • Baobab can be eaten by all pregnant, nursing mothers, male or female of all ages.
  • In the soup mix all the benefits of omega, fats and oil and other trace minerals in the catfish, spices and crayfish. 
  • In the pack are -
  • powdered catfish bone, skin and flesh. 
  • Powdered crayfish.
  • Mixes spices
  • Which make it an affordable, sustainable and easy to prepare, easy to access nutritious soup alternative that can help eradicate poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

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