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Eggshell Powder 50gm

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Eggshell powder processed from hen eggs has been used as a natural calcium supplement for many years. Eggshells contains calcium, protein and collagen.

  • Eggshells alleviate joint pains
  • Eggshells act as blood cleansers
  • They are used in the laundry to whiten you clothes
  • Its is used as feed for snails
  • It is used in feed poultry for feed formulation
  • Used in tomatoes farming to avoid blossom end rot which is a deficiency of calcium
  • Used in strawberry farming
  • Used as pesticides
  • It is used in soap making
  • Egg shells are used by horticulturist for their flowers
  • It can be a good source of calcium for your dog go ahead and sprinkle it on their food
  • Used to clear up your skin
  • Used as seedling pot
  • It is perfect as a fertilizer for the farm
  • Used as pot cleaner
  • It is used in plastic industries to enhance the strength of their product
  • Used in blade sharpening
  • Used in curing toothache also in making tooth paste
  • Used for purification bath
  • It is used to improve brightness, capacity and strength of a paper
  • Use as facial scrub
  • Add to coffee to reduce bitterness
  • Helps build gum
  • Help manage Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis
  • Help build dentition
  • Good in build building and for weigh loss
  • Help in absorption of nutrients in food

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